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Nature, our source of inspiration

Nature has given us the most beautiful of wonders: natural stones. Alex Benlo has harnessed the richness of Jade, Quartz and Tiger's Eye, and the positive energy they contain, using them to create timepieces made in Switzerland. Each watch is unique, radiating positive energy and exuding a timeless beauty.

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Revealing the charm of minerals

Using a unique, innovative process, Alex Benlo invites you to journey to the heart of the stones. Combining the translucent properties of the material with light technology specific to the watchmaking sector, each watch draws you in to the intimate depths of the stone. The power of the sun's rays will reveal its veins and inclusions, but not the benefits that each stone is able to offer, leaving these for you to discover.

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An understanding of character

To create watch dials from natural stone requires a combination of several areas of expertise. Cutting a fine disc from a block of natural stone, finishing and treating the inner face of the stone before fitting it to the metal base of the dial: these steps require both an understanding of natural stone and the techniques used to shape it, and extensive watchmaking experience to then craft a technical watch component from it.

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