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Silver Collection

Coins which are both beautiful and mysterious. Imbued with historical heritage, a symbol of luck and good fortune, coins encapsulate the eras, cultures and adventures of the men whose image they bear.


Swiss Coins Edition

Swiss Coins Edition

Limited edition
Swiss Coins Edition Gents

Swiss Coins Edition


The Silver Coin

A source of both intrinsic value and of heritage, these magnificent silver coins form part of the cultural legacy of Switzerland. After 1968, coins ceased to be struck from silver, as the value of the metal exceeded the value of the coin itself. However, many Swiss families have kept hold of old silver coins with the intention of passing them on to future generations.

An exclusive technique

Alex Benlo has been able to conserve the value and uniqueness of these old silver coins by leaving them intact within the setting of its timepieces. By simply piercing them to fit the hands, Alex Benlo has been able to turn your watch into a safe deposit box, protecting a symbolic piece of Swiss heritage.