The brand

Founded in 2014 by the Loth family and based in the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds and in Hong-Kong, Alex Benlo strays from the well-trodden path of traditional watchmaking, choosing instead a world where nature takes centre stage.

Officially launched in Hong Kong in July 2015, Alex Benlo draws its inspiration from the power of nature and from human wisdom to fashion timepieces where minerals, and the interpretation we place on them, come to life through dials which are unique and captivating in equal measure...

The universal value and language of love holds a central position in the brand's world.

The powerful and intimate link between a mother and her child can be seen in the affectionate and respectful approach that Alex Benlo has to nature.

The brand's roots lie in its privileged relationship to the earth, to better understand and enhance its gifts.

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Passing on values: an invaluable legacy

Created around the strong links uniting the founding family, Alex Benlo understands the importance of passing on human values.

This philosophy is illustrated by the composition of the name, formed from the first names of the two children — Alexandra and Benjamin — who have been involved in the development of the brand since its beginnings.

Stone... Witness to the passage of time

Formed over centuries, stone is enriched by the passage of time, encapsulating its experiences. A particular energy infused with the wisdom of the Orient, and the aesthetic of the most authentic of environments from which Alex Benlo draws its inspiration to transport us to a world where strength and finesse combine to create timepieces which are as individual as they are fascinating.

Traditional expertise

Alex Benlo dials are carefully hand-sculpted by master craftsmen. Each one is unique, encapsulating all the inclusions which make these semi-precious stones so beautiful. From veins in the mineral to the bands of colour, every detail is enhanced by the traditional expertise and dexterity of the craftsmen. The watch components are then assembled in Switzerland by our watchmakers. Each watch is the result of a new kind of assembly, born from a fusion of cultures and artisanship from Asia and the Occident.

A vast knowledge of stones

Fascinated by stones and their properties, the founding family behind Alex Benlo developed a vast knowledge of ornamental stones and their attributes, which it has made available in a collection bursting with colour.

A veritable invitation to inspiration, meditation and travel, Alex Benlo is creating a universe in which the search for wellbeing and beauty occupy a central role. Each watch is unique because it is natural, a self-contained haven of wellbeing and escape from the urban jungle.