Partnership with Martina Hingis


Partnership with Martina Hingis

A prestigious partnership for the young watch brand

Accomplished international female athlete Martina Hingis has accepted a new challenge – to proudly sport the colours of a young watch brand whose values she shares. Her love of nature and her attachment to family values make her the ideal ambassador for Alex Benlo, a watch brand that perpetuates a family tradition of entrepreneurship, creativity and philanthropy.


A world-renowned successful sportsperson and iconic Swiss figure, Martina Hingis has a fighting spirit and exceptional temperament such as only the greatest champions possess. From the tennis courts of Wimbledon, where her brilliant performance earned her renown for the first time at the age of 16, to those of Roland Garros, where she recently won the mixed doubles, she always radiates determination, presence and spontaneity.

Martina Hingis captivates, intrigues and leaves no one indifferent.

A true icon, she is now making the most of her renown by supporting watch brand Alex Benlo.


Natural, elegant, passionate and very down-to-earth, Martina Hingis perfectly embodies the modern woman. She has triumphed in her field, and has asserted herself and flourished as a woman thanks to her family ties, as shown by her close bond with her mother, who is also her coach out on the court. With a close affinity to nature, her other passion of horse riding enables her to escape, recover and find the strength to surpass herself.

Watch brand Alex Benlo is proud to share in this adventure with Martina Hingis, as the talents and personality of this young woman serve as a true source of inspiration.