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Moss Agate Collection

With its Moss Agate timepiece, Alex Benlo is offering you a sliver of nature to take wherever you go. This stone is calmness incarnate, inviting you to step back from the hectic pace of everyday life and take time to relax.


Moss Agate

Much more than nature in its purest incarnation, Moss Agate also boasts many attributes. This stone can develop our awareness of the energies and spirits of nature; it is also deemed to have soothing properties, and to be able to promote and foster communication.

An exclusive technique

Moss Agate is a surprising and mysterious stone. To reveal all of its beauty, each disc of Moss Agate is carefully selected and studied in the most minute detail before being affixed to a dial base using Alex Benlo's proprietary process which not only renders this magnificent material more hard-wearing, it also allows the depths of its structure to be admired in low light or at night using a special backlighting process, which is unique to Alex Benlo.