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Quartz Collection

Alex Benlo draws from the strength and enduring presence of nature to create unique watches, bursting with positive energy. Quartz is a stone whose virtues have been appreciated by every civilisation since the dawn of time. Its untamed, crystalline beauty is unique, ensuring no two watches are alike.


Rose Quartz

Because of its beauty and natural purity, Rose Quartz has long been regarded as the stone of the heart, of love and of peace.

Also known as Bohemian ruby, this heart stone evokes poetry, lightness and dreams.

An exclusive technique

Quartz is a fragile material, and therefore complex to work, with one specific difficulty: it can only be cut in one direction. To ensure it can withstand the ravages of time and resist impacts, as befitting a quality watch, each disc of Quartz is carefully selected and studied in the most minute detail before being affixed to a dial base using Alex Benlo's proprietary process which not only renders this magnificent material more hard-wearing, it also allows the depths of its structure to be admired in low light or at night using a special backlighting process, which is unique to Alex Benlo.