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Tiger's Eye Collection

Alex Benlo invites you to lose yourself in the powerful and unique beauty of nature. Tiger's Eye is the very essence of untamed and unspoilt nature, from a scorching desert where determination is your only guide. Its powerful, feline beauty is unique, ensuring no two watches are alike.


Tiger's Eye

More than simply a magnificent stone, it also boasts many virtues. Tiger's Eye is used to build self confidence and help decision-making, but it also promotes creativity and offers protection to travellers.

In Asian culture, it is traditionally believed to balance the forces of Yin and Yang.

An exclusive technique

Tiger's Eye is a unique and delicate stone. To ensure it can withstand the ravages of time and resist impacts, as befitting a quality watch, each disc of Tiger's Eye is carefully selected and studied in the most minute detail before being affixed to a dial base using Alex Benlo's proprietary process, which requires both an excellent understanding of stone and considerable watchmaking expertise.